Felted items for sale. Fun to collect!

Fun to look at and unique fairy gardens and terrariums can make a small sunny spot in your house bright and cheery! Come in to see Patty's creations.

Handmade soaps in a variety of scents and visually appealing. Come get your bar and  get clean now!

These note cards were photographs taken at our farm then designed into these beautiful cards. It is a good way to remember your visit to the farm and maybe share your experiences with a friend or loved one.

Here are the bitter sweet wreaths and garland made from the bitter sweet vines that were pulled of the apple trees and blueberry bushes lovingly made by Patty herself!

These folk are, handpainted pieces are the work of Elaine Podle, a local artist. Elaine has been painting for years and it certainly shows. Her art is painted on many different forms of wood and slate. The walls of the Country Store are beautifully decorated with her work and all for sale!

Douglas Orchard & Farm's Country Store sells all the farm products along with many locally made goods.

Reclaimed wood from the farm renovations, loving gathered and kept from being burned, are now hand painted with words of wisdom and whimsy.

​Douglas Orchard & Farm

   in Douglas, Mass     

Original designed ornaments that can be hung up any time of the year are handmade by P&L Gifts. Using cork, shells and gems, these are quite unique. They also make Kissing  Balls and wreaths for all seasons.  They take custom orders.

These jeweled headbands are handmade and can be worn for any occasion from everyday wear to weddings or proms. There is a wide selection or  one can be specially made at your request.

Pure bees wax candles are available in many shapes for everyday and seasonal use. Tapers, pillars, tealights are among some of the forms these honey candles come in. Made by Bees Waxy Knees, the pure smell of honey is unmistakable. Lip balm tubes and tins, also made from pure bees wax, come in many different flavors. There is vanilla, peppermint, lavender, blueberry, strawberry and unscented to mane a few.