​Douglas Orchard & Farm

   in Douglas, Mass     

Apple Trees

Nick is also pruning the apple trees. The astronomical task of removing the bitter sweet vines off the 300 plus trees is done. Now he is cutting back old overgrown branches hoping to revive the old orchard into a productive one.


We have 1200 blueberry bushes. Winter is the time to prune the blueberry bushes. Farmer Nick is finished pruning for 2018 and expects a healthy crop for our 2018 picking season starting mid-July.

New this year, Farmer Nick will freshly pick your veggies/herbs to order. How this works? When you arrive at the farm look at our list of available produce. Put in your order and while you enjoy your time at the farm or are picking blueberries, Farmer Nick will fill your order> Why are we doing it this way? We found that many of the vegetables will lose a good amount of their nutritional value if not kept cold within an hour of picking. Our goal is to bring to you the freshest and healthiest farm products as possible.

Vegetables and Herbs

Here you can see just how big the apple trees have grown. To the left are two trees that Nick finished pruning. Quite a difference.

Fresh Picked Produce


CSA: Community Supported Agriculture for 2018 is full.