​Douglas Orchard & Farm

   in Douglas, Mass     

Egg Prices

Chicken $5/dozen

Duck $7/dozen

Super Duck-really big duck eggs

$4/half dozen​

The new coop, keeping our chicken and ducks warm and cozy.

The portable coop designed by Nick and Aaron. By moving the coop around, it fertilizes each area. 

Here at Douglas Orchard and farm we have many varieties of chickens and ducks. They are organically fed and have plenty of space to roam around. Aaron, the architect, has constructed a large insulated coop, with windows for ventilation many laying boxes and places to roost. 

   Our chicken breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, Pearl White Leghorn, Black Australupe, Buff Orpington, Light Brown Leghorn, Americana, Welsummers, Delaware and Silver Laced. Due to flock variety, we have a wide variation in egg color from white, tan, brown to green.

    Our duck breeds are Blue Runner, White Pekin, Khaki Campbell, Cayuga and White Crested. The ducks are egg layers too. Duck eggs stay fresher longer, due to their thicker shell. They are richer, with more albumen, which make cakes and other pastries fluffier. Duck eggs have more Omega-3 fatty acids. People who cannot eat chicken eggs, due to allergies, can often eat duck eggs.

     You can come to the farm to see our beloved foul. They  are fun to watch with a cluck, cluck here and a quack, quack there, along with an occasional cock-a-doodle-doo!


This is the portable coop insulated for the winter.