​Douglas Orchard & Farm

   in Douglas, Mass     

                Our Mission

   At Douglas Orchard & Farm, our mission is to supply the community access to the freshest, naturally grown produce and local products. Our main focus is on sustainability, permaculture, diversity,  renewable energy and recycling. Our standard practice is not to use synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones.  Remember, BUY LOCAL!

                                    ​Aaron, Project Manager

                               A Work in Progress

​               Think Renovate, Restore and Expand!

     We have the perfect man for the job! Aaron Socrat, architect and realtor, is in his glory developing Douglas Orchard & Farm into a spectacular place. For 2018 we have added a water reclamation project that will supply fresh water to the duck ponds, 

We are currently in the process of adding two bathrooms, installing a commercial kitchen, purchasing a propagation green house and hoop houses and collection of rain water.



                Nick the Farmer

         Farming Practices

    What does sustainable farming mean to you?  To Nick Socrat,  graduate from UMass Amherst,  Stockbridge School of Agriculture,it means good healthy food. He believes in natural methods of farming. That means hand dug gardens, no weeding to keep the soil full of nutrients, companion planting,  reusing and recycling. The pigs, chickens, ducks and bees help him work the land, soil and plants to bring you healthy fresh produce.

Check out this aerial view of the farm soon after we purchased it.

                 Patty, Store Manager

​                The Country Store

     ​Owning and running a country store has been a dream for this registered nurse. Her interest in farming and craft making is a perfect blend to supply the country store with local products along with some of her own creations. A sample of what will be sold at the store are fairy terrariums and gardens, beeswax products, homemade soap, farm logo t-shirts and of course the blueberries,eggs, meats, produce and our own honey.  

      The second floor of the store is totally renovated and is available for parties, workshops and meetings. The new Performance Pavilion is ready to be put to use. Hire a band, tents and caterer and you'll be ready for your wedding, family reunion or any celebration!

     If interested in use of the farm for your event use the farm email to contact Patty which is douglasorchardandfarm@gmail.com



In the winter of 2016, the Socrat family purchased the old Douglas Orchard, renamed Douglas Orchard & Farm. The land was originally settled by the Nipmuc Indians and farmed since the 1700's with grazing cattle and alfalfa​. In 1964, Robert Werme Sr. planted and cultivated two acres of apple trees and one acre of blueberry bushes. Unfortunately, by 2015 the orchard had been neglected for over five years and was looking at being developed. Now the 17-acre orchard and farm is coming back to life. Not only do we hope to revive the apples and blueberries but develop this beautiful land as a diversified farm.